Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Tajikistan

Kyiv 02:16


Among the trading partners of Ukraine from CIS member countries, the Republic of Tajikistan has the 10th place.

 According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, in January-November 2016 imports of goods and services in Ukraine to the Republic of Tajikistan amounted 23 050 000 USA dollars and decreased in comparison with the similar period of 2015 by 17.1%. Exports of goods and services of Tajikistan to Ukraine amounted to 1 150 000 USA dollars and decreased in comparison with the corresponding period of 2015 by 51.9%. The total volume of trade in goods and services in January-November 2016 amounted to 24 200 000 USA doll.. A positive balance was 21900000 USA doll.

 A significant drop in the volume of trade between Ukraine and Tajikistan was caused due to the introduction of the Russian illegal prohibitions and restrictions on imports and transit of Ukrainian goods.

 The main items of Ukrainian exports to Tajikistan are sugar and sugar confectionery - 30.0% (volumes of supplies increased by 25.1% and amounted to $ 6200000.), Cocoa and products thereof - 15.9% (decreased delivery volumes by 41.0% and amounted to $ 3300000.), paper and cardboard - 16.5% (volume of supply decreased by 2.4% and amounted to $ 0800000.), electric cars - 7.7% (volume shipments increased 3, 6 times and amounted to $ 1600000.), preparations of grain - 4.8% (volume of supply decreased by 47.6% and amounted to $ 1 million), pharmaceutical products -. 4.1% (volume of supply decreased by 65.0% and amounted to $ 2300000.), nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery - 3,1% (delivery volumes decreased by 37.2% and amounted to $ 0, 6 million)..

 During the first 11 months of 2016 the main imports to Ukraine were: edible fruits and nuts - 84.9% (increased by 59.7% and amounted to $ 0750000.), paper and cardboard - 5.8% (volume of supply decreased by 2.4% and amounted to $ 0800000.), the seeds and fruits of oil plants - 3.8% (increased by 59.7% and amounted to $ 0040000.) and pharmaceutical products - 2.3% ($ 0020000.).

 Ukraine and Tajikistan are members of the WTO.

 A promising area of cooperation could be the participation of Ukrainian enterprises, companies and organizations in the implementation of hydropower sector projects, particularly in small hydropower development, the construction of transmission lines, retrofitting existing plant complexes in Tajikistan, establishment of joint ventures in the coal (field Fon - Yagnob and Nazar - Aylok) and oil and gas industries, production and processing of agricultural products, as well as in  supplying passenger and freight cars, component overhaul and modernization of rolling stock (to repair databases GUK "Rohi ohani Tojikiston").

 On April 3, 2013 the fourth meeting of the Joint intergovernmental Ukrainian-Tajik commission for economic cooperation was held in Dushanbe, in which the parties had reached a number of important for Ukraine and the Republic of Tajikistan practical arrangements in trade, economic, energy, transport and humanitarian spheres.

 The next meeting of Ukrainian-Tajik JMC will be held in Kiev in the second half of 2017.